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Career Growth Strategies for Business Aviation Professionals
A career development and job search guide for business aviation professionals
Brought to you by Aviation Personnel International, the free eBook offers special insights, career development opportunities and advice for the job seeker. So, whether you’re perfectly content in your current role (but still want to grow professionally) or if you desire additional challenges, this eBook can help you stand out and flourish!


Inside these 70+ pages, you’ll learn how to:

  • Improve your career at your current level or position
  • Determine if you’re ready for a leadership role
  • Know whether or not you need continuing education
  • Create a persuasive annual performance review
  • Prepare for your next job promotion
  • Work with a recruiter to gain greater exposure
  • Craft a memorable LinkedIn profile
  • Prepare for the top 20 interview questions
  • "Win" during a phone or video conference interview
  • And much more!
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