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Here at API, we’re proud of our reputation and the relationships we’ve built over the past 45 years. As our tagline states: “It’s About People™”— and that’s why we love doing what we do. Matching the very best talent with the most discriminating aviation employers.

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“Having been both a candidate for and a client of API, I can attest to the quality of their processes on both sides of the transaction. The API team is discerning, thorough, professional and timely. I was kept apprised of the progress of the search and vetting throughout the process, both as a candidate and client.

As a hiring manager, I found that using their system was so much better than advertising my open position online. I didn’t have to weed through all of the unqualified responses. All of the candidates presented by API were of such a high quality that the final decision was very difficult.

Partnering with API is beneficial in several ways. Their process allowed me to stay focused on my department rather than having to do the lower-level administrative work of weeding through a universe of applicants. I did not need to get involved until a level of vetting had already occurred. API takes care of all of the arrangements for the final interviews.”

“I would definitely recommend working with API as it’s simply the best way to find the best candidates, particularly in these times.”
Clint Fereday
Director of Aviation
I'm a big supporter of outplacement services for people impacted by downsizing, and was worried about using an organization that might not have any experience or knowledge of this industry. Thankfully I was introduced to API. This is an organization that thoroughly knows their industry, the marketplace and the intricacies of the outplacement arena. A perfect combination!
Ruth Ross
Former VP of HR, Wells Fargo Bank
“Sheryl and her team presented us with candidates that exceeded our minimum requirements. Our leadership team then picked the ‘best of the best,’ and we've never looked back. We hired people with outstanding flying and relationship skills that fit well into our corporate and flight department culture. I would have to say that of the many strategic decisions we have made over the years, using a recruiter like API has had one of the biggest impacts on our operation, allowing the flight department leadership to concentrate on safely managing our growth while integrating new people into our culture. “Using a recruiter is not inexpensive, and it may not be a fit for all flight departments. But, for us, partnering with API was an investment in our future. We don't just hire pilots, we look for people who have the potential to become future leaders. API understood that.”
Mike Martin
Aviation Manager, Discount Tire
“Having flown for several large departments, I learned early on that when the staff could count on certain predictable levels of stability it created a much more productive and focused working environment for the flight department. API was able to bring this to my former department and we thrived for many years after working with them. Given the opportunity to hire in the future, I would most certainly use the services of API.”
Phil Stang
Former VP of Aviation, Northeast-based flight department
"Sheryl Barden and her team at Aviation Personnel International have an unmatched and in-depth knowledge of the industry and have withstood the test of time as they continually present 'top of the class' candidates. They have a deep knowledge of the business and maintain exceptional client relations by making sure that the fit is right for both the individual and our company regardless of the complexity of the search or the length of time that is required. It is a pleasure to work with them. They are smart, intuitive and totally professional."
Carolyn Dursi
SVP of Executive Recruiting, Cablevision
“[The team] at API were tremendous partners as we staffed an entire flight department from scratch. We had extremely strict requirements and a very tight time frame to work within, and a limited network from which to pull candidates, given that we were recruiting in a new location. They provided high-quality candidates and helped us build an excellent team that has exceeded expectations."
Name Withheld
HR Manager, Business aviation flight department
"The Harris Corporation Flight Department has consulted with Aviation Personnel International for its pilot staffing needs for over 20 years. We have exclusively hired API candidates to fill all of our pilot positions. Their careful matching of candidate-to-employer has only one drawback: it makes for a very difficult decision. In our last round of hiring I found myself deciding between 4 candidates, all of whom could be considered "finalists" and any of whom would have been a fine fit here at Harris. I cannot foresee filling a future pilot vacancy any other way."
Marvin Deprez
Director of Aviation, Harris Corporation
As our organization faced impending closure, we looked to API to act as the guiding hand for our members during their transition. API was ready immediately to provide the advice needed as our team faced the challenge of redirecting their careers. It's hard to put a price tag on that, but I can tell you that API's assistance—both in the early days and over the course of several months—was invaluable.
Bruce Dunton
Former Chief Pilot, Zeno Air
"We had a challenging hire in terms of finding the right pool of candidates with such a broad and diverse background, which is why we engaged API."
Name Withheld
Chief Pilot, International flight department based in the Pacific Northwest
"We greatly appreciate Aviation Personnel International's help finding a Director of Aviation. They are very well-connected in the business aviation industry, highly professional and produced a slate of high-quality candidates within the requested timeframe. API took the time to understand our needs and, most importantly, the candidate fit with our corporate culture. We are very pleased with the results."
Name Withheld
Aviation Reporting Executive, Fortune 500 Flight Department
"This was the first time in 15 years we outsourced to a recruiting company, and I was a skeptical that the team could get a sense of our cultural needs in our initial half-day meeting," he admits. "But Sheryl really understood our need for strict confidentiality, the unique job requirements, our owners' preferences and the very small niche in which to find talent. Then that information allowed my recruiter to find and present 4-5 top-notch candidates and helped us prioritize which of our very demanding qualifications were most important. The individual we hired is an extremely strong fit and we're very pleased with the entire API process, and especially the final result. The entire team did a great job."
Name Withheld
Chief Pilot, International Non-profit Foundation
“I would recommend API because, while working as a professional in the aviation industry, my focus has never been on what’s the latest hiring practices companies are using today. API makes this their focus.”
Name Withheld
Aircraft Technician, Media company operating a Falcon 2000 aircraft
“API really knocked it out of the park for our flight department. I don't know how they do it, but they really nailed the cultural fit. We retained API to fill one pilot position. They presented three stellar candidates and in the end, we decided to hire all three. Our team is thrilled with the level of talent that API presented, but more importantly, impressed with how every single candidate fit within our department's culture. Having hired talent on my own in the past, I recognize how incredibly challenging this can be. API was flawless in their delivery and very professional and pleasant to work with.”
Name Withheld
Director of Aviation
There was comfort knowing that the API team was well versed in the outplacement process. They were counselors, psychiatrists, mentors, and friends. Their support, knowledge and skills were invaluable to our entire team. As a participant, the structural and emotional support was outstanding—from writing resumes to guiding our self-discovery and soul searching.
Name Withheld
Director of Aviation, Fortune 500 3-aircraft operation

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