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Aviation Personnel International is an experienced aviation consulting partner for corporate HR and recruiting teams.

You know your culture and your businessand we know the intricacies of the business aviation industry.

For 45 years, we’ve worked together to craft tailored people-based solutions that balance and supplement your unique corporate flight department needs.

Together, we’ll consult with your flight department and internal HR and recruiting teams to help you attract, retain and develop the business aviation talent that will meet your unique cultural needs.

  • Aviation employee benefits and compensation packages
  • Aviation employee selection and placement services
  • Background checks for prospective aviation employees
  • Individual personnel development plans
  • Outplacement support for closing flight departments or reductions-in-force
  • Pilot and flight crew benefits programs
  • Succession planning
  • Verification of education, type ratings, licenses and technical certifications

Additional HR consulting packages

Leadership Development Consulting

Leadership Development Consult

API can help prepare your organization for leadership changes by helping identify your cultural values and developing criteria necessary to achieve success.

We also offer executive leadership coaching and individual development plans to support this process.

Team Synergy Expander

Team Synergy Expander™

The API Team Synergy Expander™ helps aviation teams explore the work style of individual members.

By thoroughly understanding each others passions, interests and skills, you’ll see an marked increase in teamwork, success and job satisfactionplus a reduction in conflict and stress.

API health chex

API Annual Health Chex™

Completed annually, the API Annual Health Chex™ helps increase communication between employees and aviation leadership.

It’s a top-to-bottom consulting program with your flight department team to measure job satisfaction, individual growth and potential, conflict, stress and cognitive skills.

Making a people-related change?

Let’s collaborate on a custom solution that meets your flight department’s short- or long-term needs.


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