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Aviation Personnel International (API) helps business aviation flight departments maximize their most valuable asset: PEOPLE.

Not your typical aviation recruiter or “headhunter”

The difference? We’ve already made contact with almost all of the top tier aviation professionals in the business aviation industry.

Our comprehensive database of contacts are known as API Registered Professionals™. These are aviation professionals who are predominantly “passive” job seekers and preparing for their next career growth opportunity.

To be included in our database, API’s candidates must go through an extensive pre-vetting process. Our goal is to meet aviation professionals well before we discuss a potential job prospect. This allows our recruiters to make an objective assessment on an individual’s career aspirations. Plus, it ensures there’s no clouded judgment (for us or the candidate) based on a particular opportunity.

It also means that when you call us for a project, we’re not starting from ground zero in our search efforts. This will often save you time during the hiring process—and reduce your risk of hiring an “unknown.”


The API Talent Identification Process™

At API, our goal is to help employers identify top-level professionals through a combination of expertise, efficiency and breadth of reach.

One of the cornerstones of our business, the API Talent Identification Process™ is comprised of three strategically integrated components that enable us to remove many of the elements of uncertainty in this highly technical industry. They include:

API Environmental Communicator

API Environmental Communicator™

A research tool that reveals an in-depth understanding of an employer’s needs and expectations.

At the start of every new project, your API project lead will visit with your hiring manager to gain an in-depth understanding of your organization’s culture and vision. We’ll learn about the aviation team and what it’s like to work and travel with the executive travelers or principal.

Upon identifying all criterion, we’ll present you with the API Environmental Communicator™ to gain alignment. Then we’ll strategically select pre-vetted aviation experts who meet your mission, vision and values. From there, we’ll select and present a prime group candidates for review.

API Talent Navigator Compass

The API Talent Navigator™

A unique search and selection process primarily focused on our broad group of pre-screened registrants.

At API, our team conducts in-depth interviews with API Registered Professionals who are predominantly passive job seekers poised for career growth opportunities.

Through our API Talent Navigator™ process, it’s our goal to know who the movers and shakers are business aviation. We mostly seek to engage with those who are actively employed, and ready for their next leadership opportunity.

API Candidate Introduction

API Candidate Introduction™

A proprietary analysis based on extensive research, assessments, personal interface and intelligence amassed from our vast network.

We meet one-on-one to know each candidate and go beyond the basics (e.g., certifications, licenses, flight hours, type rating, etc.).

The API Candidate Introduction™ helps us to understand the candidate’s interests in and outside of work as well as their professional goals and interpersonal team skills.

We first ensure that they have the requisite technical skills, and then we focus on the person—their inherent values, interests and communication and leadership styles.

Are you hiring?

Bad hiring decisions are not only frustrating—they can cost upward of a $100,000 per “bad hire.” At Aviation Personnel International, we’ll make it easy for you to attract the right cultural fit—wherever they are—based on your needs today.


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Our aviation recruiting focus areas

Whether it's for a Fortune 10 corporation, private company or a high-net-worth individual, aviation employers rely on API to recruit all levels of the flight department.

Leadership Roles

Director of Aviation
Aviation Manager
Chief of Maintenance
Director of Aircraft Maintenance
Chief Pilot
Assistant Chief Pilot
Flight Operations Manager
Vice President of Business Aviation

Aircraft Maintenance Roles

Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Avionics Technician
Chief of Maintenance
Director of Maintenance
Flight Technician
Crew Chief

Flight Operations Roles

First Officer
Lead Captain
Chief Pilot
Assistant Chief Pilot

Aviation Support Roles

Aircraft Dispatcher
Aircraft Scheduler
Cabin Attendant
Lead Cabin Attendant
Safety Program Manager

See what people are saying

"The API team really understood our need for strict confidentiality, the unique job requirements, our owners' preferences and the very small niche in which to find talent.

The individual we hired is an extremely strong fit and we're very pleased with the entire API process, and especially the final result."
Name withheld
Chief Pilot, International Non-profit Foundation
"For over 20 years, we've exclusively hired API candidates to fill all pilot positions. In our last round of hiring, I found myself deciding between four candidates, all of whom could be considered "finalists" and any of whom would have been a fine fit here at Harris.

I cannot foresee filling a future pilot vacancy any other way."
Marvin Deprez
Director of Aviation, Harris Corporation