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Success Penalty: Myth or Realty?

success penalty - soccer goal

At a recent Florida Aviation Business Association (FABA) conference, a retention-related topic called the “success penalty” arose. Admittedly, I’d never heard that phrase, but once one of the panelists began […]

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Aviation ‘Pride’ Takes on a Welcome New Meaning

LGBT in business aviation

Each June, since moving to San Francisco 20+ years ago, I witness the city display the rainbow colors and flags in support of “Pride Month.” And while it’s taken quite a […]

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DOM to DOA: Why Maintenance Pros Make Great Flight Dept. Leaders

private jet descening alec cooks unsplash dom to doa blog maintenance

Moving from the role of Director of Maintenance (DOM) to Director of Aviation (DOA) might be atypical for certain corporate flight departments. However, as recruiters and advisors to business aviation, here […]

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Buddy to Boss: Successfully Transition to Leadership

from buddy to boss

If you’ve ever been promoted from within your flight department, chances are you’ve experienced moving from someone’s “buddy” to someone’s “boss.” Suddenly being the leader of one or more of your […]

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Get Creative! Why Typical Retention Bonuses Don’t Work

take the money and run

The business aviation industry is abuzz about compensation and its relationship to the pilot shortage, and one thing we can be certain of is that this issue is not going […]

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The High Cost of Pilot Turnover

high cost of pilot turnover - man with dollar sign and clock

Lately, a lot of us are talking about aviation retention strategies—especially with the critical shortage of qualified talent. So, the question is: why should an aviation director take heed? For starters, most […]

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Is there a Ceiling in Business Aviation?

ceiling in business aviation - man holding up ceiling

Do you think there’s a ceiling in business aviation? Meaning, if you’re a corporate pilot or maintenance technician, is there a limit to your career growth? Unless you’re waiting for your boss […]

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Hiring for Diversity in Business Aviation

hiring for diversity

In December 2017, I participated in NBAA’s Workforce Summit and was recently quoted in NBAA’s Jan/Feb issue of the Business Aviation Insider. In the article, “Expand Your Talent Base Through […]

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Showcasing Your Skills in an Interview (Without Looking Like a Schmuck)

male pilot on Skype - showcasing skills in an interview with aviation recruiter

For recruiters, interviewing and selecting you as the right job candidate is not as easy as it might seem. Attempting to assess your skills and appropriateness for a certain position […]

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SURVEY: The Business Aviation Maintenance Shortage

aviation maintenance shortage

Are we in the midst of a business aviation maintenance shortage? The answer is a resounding “yes,” according to 89 percent of business aviation maintenance leaders surveyed by Aviation Personnel International […]

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10 Ways to Prepare for your Annual Performance Review

annual performance review process

It’s the end of the year, and that means it’s likely time for your annual performance review. Maybe HR has a template for you to complete online. Or perhaps your VP […]

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How A Fortune 100 Bizav Leader Secured 1 Million in Pilot Compensation

pilot compensation $1 million increase

“My pilots owe you big time, Sheryl.” This was the start of a conversation I had with a Fortune 100 flight department leader at the Morristown Regional meeting this past September. He […]

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NBAA17: What Happened and How to Prep for NBAA18

Las Vegsa Strong was the prevalent theme during NBAA17

Having recently returned from this year’s NBAA-BACE, I’m filled with the enthusiasm and excitement for our industry that I’ve always returned with following these terrific, informative conferences. Personally, it was wonderful […]

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API’s CEO Sheryl Barden Appointed to NBAA Board of Directors

Sheryl Barden Joins NBAA Associate Member Advisory Council

LAS VEGAS – October 11, 2017 – Today Sheryl Barden, President and CEO of Aviation Personnel International (, was appointed to the Board of Directors of the National Business Aviation […]

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How Efficient is Your Aviation Recruiting Process?

Aviation Recruiting Process

At a recent aviation industry golf tournament in Minnesota, someone asked me a great question. “Jennifer, how long should it really take us to complete the aviation recruiting process?” he asked. […]

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The Aviation Interview: 9 Ways to Succeed via Phone or Video

aviation interview video or phone

Congratulations! You’ve just landed an interview for your dream job! Once upon a time, this meant practicing your interview answers, loading up your briefcase and heading out the door for your […]

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The Importance of Professionalism in Aviation

handshake - professionalism in aviation - aviation personnel

Professionalism is an important quality to nurture in any industry or business, but in our world of aviation, it takes on even more critical significance. It’s a long-standing topic in our […]

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6 Signs You Need Help with Aviation Recruiting

aviation recruiting aviation personnel

One might ask, why do hiring managers contact API? What’s their rationale? Oftentimes, it’s because they need help with their aviation recruiting needs and have exhausted all other options on their […]

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Pilot Shortage: How We Got Here & What’s Next

Got Pilots? Pilot Shortage - How we got here and what to do next - cockpit - aviation personnel

Since publishing my pilot compensation blog, Aviation Personnel International (API) has been flooded with phone calls and emails. Rightfully so, business aviation leaders and their HR partners (or aircraft owners) want […]

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20 Aviation Job Interview Questions to Nail

20 aviation interview questions to nail

With so many critical changes occurring in the aviation industry—most notably the pilot shortage—we’re hearing more and more from our API Registered Professionals. Many are telling us they are relatively happy […]

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