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7 Ways to Make the Most of an Industry Event Like NBAA’s BACE

nbaa bace event prep

The opportunity to attend industry conferences and conventions like the upcoming NBAA’s BACE is a terrific one. But in order to fully capitalize on the experience, it’s important to be […]

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The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Aviation Professionals

Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Aviation Professionals

The most popular social media tool for business, LinkedIn is still proving itself a great tool for a variety of reasons—networking being the biggest one. In a sense, LinkedIn is becoming […]

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API Turns 45, Barden Reflects on People-related Changes

API Turns 45 It's All About People logo

Since the anniversary of our founding in July, the team at Aviation Personnel International (API) has been marveling at the fact that we’ve been serving the business aviation industry for […]

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Creating Alignment with HR: How to Describe the Complexities of BizAv

creating alignment hr

One of the most difficult tasks of a business aviation hiring manager is attempting to explain the unique complexities of the profession to his/her team—especially to the corporate HR representative, […]

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Are You Ready to Lead a Flight Department?

male leader conversation

Do you find yourself ready to lead a flight department? If so, how do you know that you’ve adequately prepared yourself to be successful? Being able to understand your true […]

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Hiring the Right Business Aviation Professional, Part I

airplane pilot man hiring business aviation professionals

Hiring the most ideal, best-suited business aviation professional is no easy task. It requires merging a great cultural fit with superior skills and an attitude focused upon the organization’s success. […]

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The Future of Aviation, Part II: Resources for Attracting Students and YoPros

ug aviation security

Last year, when I attended NBAA’s annual Careers in Business Aviation Day during the convention in Las Vegas, I had one of those proverbial “Aha!” moments. It was truly inspiring. […]

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The Many “Hats” of a Business Aviation Manager

many hats biz leader

Are you an aspiring business aviation manager? If so, it’s important to be prepared, and part of that preparation is to understand all of the different “hats” you’ll need to […]

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The Future of Aviation: Part I

future of aviation

During an educational session at NBAA last fall, Seattle-based pilot Mike Rutherford glanced around the room and asked himself, “Where are the 25-35-year-olds?” And, more broadly, “where’s the future of […]

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The Aviation Talent Shortage is Here and Now

pilot aviation talent shortage

As any keen observer of the aviation industry would likely agree, change is our primary constant. Even in an industry like ours that’s forever in flux, 2016 has a very […]

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Must-Have Productivity Apps For On-The-Go Aviation Pros

corporate pilot mobile phone

  Similar to my last blog on must-have travel apps, I’d like to zero in on a handful of productivity apps that can really help organize work and personal tasks—especially for […]

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Business Aviation Hiring Trends: Part II

business jet business travel

As I emphasized in the first of this two-blog series, there’s much to be gained by paying attention to current business aviation hiring trends. And, as I said in that blog, the most prevalent trend is for change. It’s true that, regarding recruitment and hiring practices, our industry is in constant flux, and equally true that staying on top of it as best we can is imperative to operate successfully.   Following are a few more business aviation hiring trends:   Business Skills Trump Flying Skills When it comes to hiring someone for a VP or aviation […]

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Best Travel Apps for Aviation Personnel

Best travel apps for aviation personnel

Like my colleagues at Aviation Personnel International, I love to travel. I love it even more so when I’m relaxed. And, I’m probably not alone in saying that I’m most […]

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What’s Trending in Business Aviation Careers, Part I

business aviation trends private pilots in cockpit

As a long-time recruiter, I’m always asked what trends I see, and what’s the latest happening in business aviation careers. So just what is trending in our industry? Change, that’s what! Hiring […]

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Building Bench Strength: An 8-Step Guide to Succession Planning

business men passing the baton on track field - building bench strength

Grooming members of your business aviation team to take over your job is a hallmark of great leadership. A true mark of leadership is having the foresight to engage in […]

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3 Cover Letter Basics for Job Seekers

hands on keyboard - job seeker writing cover letter

The cover letter (or cover email) remains a vital part of today’s interview process. While the boring old, impersonal “to whom it may concern” cover letter may indeed be a thing of the past, the personalized, well-written professional cover “email” or letter is still very much alive and well. The value of cover letters A resume, and its accompanying cover letter, represent your initial “handshake” with a potential employer. As mentioned in a recent blog, these documents show how you (the aviation candidate) choose to communicate. If they’re done well, they can […]

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8 Ways to Research a Company Before an Interview

keyboard featuring the word research company

A successful interview begins well before you find yourself sitting across from a potential employer, putting your best self forward. It starts with a lot of hard work and time […]

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5 Things Aviation Icon Janice Barden Taught Me About Corporate Aviation Recruiting

business jet aircraft flying corporate aviation recruiting

As the newest member of the API team, I recently sat down with Janice Barden, an icon in our professional corporate aviation recruitment industry, to learn about how she—a woman […]

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9 Tools Every Business Aviation Hiring Manager Should be Using

hammar and nails metaphor for tools for hiring managers

Finding and using “the right tool for the job” is a bit of advice that’s as accurate as it is old. And it doesn’t only apply to the working trades, […]

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7 Ways to Help You Get a Job Promotion in the Flight Department

business man writing on chart with ability and attitude

Have you set your sights on the next step up in your flight organization? If so, that’s great. But as you know, it’s very unlikely someone’s going to simply tap […]

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