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How to Mine for Aviation Talent

how to mine for aviation talent - handful of coal

The subject of mining for aviation talent was a lively topic during a discussion I recently had with a group of business aviation maintenance leaders. And just what does it mean […]

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Climbing the Aviation Career Ladder

climbing aviation career ladder

Nearly everyone in business aviation that we come into contact with here at API is “upwardly mobile” and looking toward the next rung of the career ladder. The only alternative might […]

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Pilot Compensation is Key to Attraction & Retention


What’s the No. 1 reason Part 91 flight departments are losing their qualified talent? It’s pilot compensation. That’s according to 41 aviation directors who participated in a 2017 survey conducted by Aviation […]

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6 Steps to Planning for your Successor

planning for your successor - two men on blocks - succession planning

Last year, API’s Sheryl Barden published an insightful, 8-step guide on the importance of planning for your successor. Its aim was to get the ball rolling so you can begin a […]

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Bizav Experts Sound Off on Retaining Aviation Personnel

retaining aviation personnel panel of bizav experts

Last month, I blogged about why certain business aviation organizations might not be retaining aviation personnel. In that post, I shared survey data gleaned from a survey that our team conducted […]

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Apply Online, Network or Use an Aviation Placement Agency?

aviation placement agency job search computer

The process of applying for your next aviation career opportunity has been turned inside out and upside down. We have the internet to thank for this! But understanding the most […]

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How Aviation Job Seekers Can Stand Out Amid a Talent Shortage

pilot epaulets - talent shortage - job seekers

There’s little doubt we’re in the midst of the long anticipated talent shortage. And this shortage applies to nearly all disciplines within aviation—be they in maintenance, pilot, cabin crew or […]

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Hiring the Right Business Aviation Professional, Part II: Onboarding

new hire onboarding strategies

In the first of our business aviation hiring series, my colleague Jim Lara and I examined the best approaches to take when making a great hire and ensuring that the […]

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Traits of a Successful Corporate Aircraft Scheduler

corporate aviation aircraft scheduler

The role of an aircraft scheduler is often a complex one, involving a myriad of responsibilities well beyond the actual scheduling of the aircraft. Whether a scheduler’s role is filled by […]

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Why Your BizAv Organization Might be Failing to Retain “A” Players

recruit retain aviation pilots

One of the more fascinating things to come out API’s “Innovation Zone” panel at last year’s NBAA-BACE, was our survey results from roughly 40 bizav organization leaders. API’s survey—which was distributed […]

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5 Not-to-be-Missed TED Talks for Aviation Job Seekers & Hiring Managers

TED TALKS for Aviation Job seekers

By now, everyone has heard of “TED Talks,” right? If not, then a little background: TED—short for Technology, Entertainment and Design—is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas. TED Talks are usually […]

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Creating a “Sticky” Work Culture in a “WIIFM” Environment

nbaa bace 2016 panel WIIFM

Thanks to social media vehicles like LinkedIn, it’s a common occurrence to read about friends and colleagues who’ve just landed a great new job. Or gotten a new job title. […]

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How to Use a Recruiter to Gain the Greatest Exposure


If you’re in job-search mode, you may be wondering how to use a recruiter to gain the greatest exposure. There’s no doubt that in some fields—business aviation among them—using a […]

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7 Ways to Make the Most of an Industry Event Like NBAA’s BACE

nbaa bace event prep

The opportunity to attend industry conferences and conventions like the upcoming NBAA’s BACE is a terrific one. But in order to fully capitalize on the experience, it’s important to be […]

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The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Aviation Professionals

Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Aviation Professionals

The most popular social media tool for business, LinkedIn is still proving itself a great tool for a variety of reasons—networking being the biggest one. In a sense, LinkedIn is becoming […]

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API Turns 45, Barden Reflects on People-related Changes

API Turns 45 It's All About People logo

Since the anniversary of our founding in July, the team at Aviation Personnel International (API) has been marveling at the fact that we’ve been serving the business aviation industry for […]

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Creating Alignment with HR: How to Describe the Complexities of BizAv

creating alignment hr

One of the most difficult tasks of a business aviation hiring manager is attempting to explain the unique complexities of the profession to his/her team—especially to the corporate HR representative, […]

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Are You Ready to Lead a Flight Department?

male leader conversation

Do you find yourself ready to lead a flight department? If so, how do you know that you’ve adequately prepared yourself to be successful? Being able to understand your true […]

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Hiring the Right Business Aviation Professional, Part I

airplane pilot man hiring business aviation professionals

Hiring the most ideal, best-suited business aviation professional is no easy task. It requires merging a great cultural fit with superior skills and an attitude focused upon the organization’s success. […]

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The Future of Aviation, Part II: Resources for Attracting Students and YoPros

ug aviation security

Last year, when I attended NBAA’s annual Careers in Business Aviation Day during the convention in Las Vegas, I had one of those proverbial “Aha!” moments. It was truly inspiring. […]

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