Aviation Outplacement Support

One-on-one outplacement counseling and coaching—designed for aviation professionals by aviation professionals

Your Best Foot Forward

API’s Your Best Foot Forward outplacement program enables career coaches and participants to meet in small group workshops—in person or virtually. The program also encourages participants to work one-on-one with their coach to develop a job-seeking strategy.

Plus, we’re industry insiders. That means we understand aviation the way no other outplacement generalist can. Our API coaches are well-versed in aviation vocabulary, including all the insider terms for flight hours, type ratings, aircraft equipment and certifications, as well as important acronyms such as “CAM,” “A&P” and “IS-BAO.”

It’s important to recognize that we’re here to help your outgoing employee(s) bridge the gap from one job to another. To set up our participants for success, we give them access to contemporary tools and methods that enhance and support their job search. During the process, they’ll will benefit from our industry connections and resourcefulness. In all ways, we go above and beyond.

Why API?

Corporate flight department layoffs and closures are never easy. And navigating the job market has never been more challenging.

That’s why best-practice organizations rely on API’s aviation outplacement service to support their aviation employees throughout the transition, and prepare them for workforce re-entry.

As a flight department, when you partner with API for outplacement support, you’re taking a positive step to take care of your displaced employees.

You’ll demonstrate to your team that their departure will be handled with great care and concern. You’ll also help shine a positive light on your brand.

As for the displaced employees themselves, they’ll reap the benefit of aviation-specific career coaching.

And they’ll have the security of knowing that, despite their outplacement status, their employer is taking pains to do the right thing.

See what our clients are saying

As our organization faced impending closure, we looked to API to act as the guiding hand for our members during their transition. API was ready immediately to provide the advice needed as our team faced the challenge of redirecting their careers.

It's hard to put a price tag on that, but I can tell you that API's assistance—both in the early days and over the course of several months—was invaluable.
Bruce Dunton
Chief Pilot, Zeno Air
There was comfort knowing that the API team was well-versed in the outplacement process. Sheryl and Colleen were counselors, psychiatrists, mentors, and friends. Their support, knowledge and skills were invaluable to our entire team.

As a participant, the structural and emotional support was outstanding—from writing resumes to guiding our self-discovery and soul searching.
Director of Aviation, Fortune 500 3-aircraft operation
I'm a big supporter of outplacement services for people impacted by downsizings and was worried about using an organization that might not have any experience or knowledge of this industry.

Thankfully I was introduced to API. This is an organization that thoroughly knows their industry, the marketplace and the intricacies of the outplacement arena. A perfect combination!
Ruth Ross
Former VP of HR, Wells Fargo Bank

Benefits of API's outplacement support

  • Illustrates your company’s humanity and shows that you care about your team. You’re not tossing them aside or wiping your hands of them.
  • Allows you to operate within an appropriate set of business ethics, so your company's brand and reputation will be viewed in a positive light.
  • Ensures that your team will have aviation experts on their side. API understands the aviation job market, regulations or culture. We know about “ATPs” and “A&Ps” as well as the time and cost to acquire 4,000 flight hours.
  • Provides the tools for displaced individuals to create their aviation portfolio and create new contacts in the aviation community.

See what our participants are saying

This was the best investment [my company] could have made on my behalf. I feel like I have direction and support.
Thank you! You were awesome and really made me feel better about this whole situation!
I appreciate the forward-looking perspective you brought to us corporately and to me individually!
API helped me find a great job after [my company] closed its doors. I am very grateful for their help.

API’s outplacement support includes:

Private platform

The API team engages with its participants in a caring and collaborative way, using online video technology throughout the program. What’s more, all workshop training materials are accessible via a secured website, to help ensure your privacy.

TESTIMONIALS2Emotional support

Many downsized employees fall into a fragile state of mind, which further impedes their ability to move quickly and assuredly in the direction of finding a new job. Because our motto is ‘It’s About People™,’ we’ve really trained our focus on the all-important emotional component, investing the time to understand what makes each situation unique.

magnifying glassPersonal branding

Often, outplacement participants haven’t had the need to stay updated on current recruiting best-practices. Thus, an API coach helps them review and update their social media footprint, and ensures that they’re familiar with popular job application sites.


Resume and cover letter updates

API offers resume templates designed to make it past an electronic scanner, and ultimately into the hands the aviation hiring manager. In addition, our API team will also help participants write a tailored letter that highlights their experience and adds important context and color to their resume.



Mock interviews and support

In today’s environment, jobseekers are more likely to have a series of video interviews prior to an in-person interview. Hence, one of our API coaches will help them to understand and gain comfort using new interviewing protocols and tools to their greatest benefit.


Aviation Personnel International API Registered Professional

Aviation networking

Each individual is encouraged to become an API Registered Professional™. This process enables them to be considered for any position that API has been contracted to fill on an exclusive basis. We also provide suggestions on business networking. Our career coaches have 80+ years of combined business aviation experience, which affords them a massive network of industry contacts. Bizav is a “who-you-know” industry, and we know most aviation directors and their plans for hiring.




Targeting the job market

Our role is to provide the tools and expertise they need to make the most of any existing opportunities. We can also introduce alternatives for both short- and long-term employment.We firmly believe that the outplacement process is one that should prepare employees to conduct their own job search. Then it’s up to employees themselves to take the initiative to network, as well as present and market themselves to potential employers.


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