WRITTEN BY Sheryl Barden on November 19, 2021

How are Part 91 aviation teams affected the Covid-19 vaccine mandate? Aviation directors share their thoughts for my November AINsight guest column in Aviation International News. View original article. Over the

WRITTEN BY Sheryl Barden on October 25, 2021

It’s unfortunate, but the fact is we can’t make a new pilot overnight. And, if we want more pilots to enter the industry, we need to ensure that they’re well-compensated.

WRITTEN BY Sheryl Barden on October 15, 2021

This article about NBAA-BACE and the fact that bizav is back–in a big way– originally appeared in Aviation International News. View here. Optimistic. Innovative. Inspirational. These are just some of

WRITTEN BY Debbi Laux on September 29, 2021

A career relocation is often a fundamental part of professional growth. Especially in aviation, picking up and moving some distance for a new career opportunity might be one of the

WRITTEN BY Sheryl Barden on August 20, 2021

This article about developing an ab initio training program for Part 91 flight departments originally appeared in Aviation International News. View here. How can we build our talent pipeline in business aviation?

WRITTEN BY Jennifer Pickerel on August 11, 2021

I love recruiting. I mean, I really, really love recruiting. I enjoy the opportunity to match aviation professionals with their prospective career advancements. It’s beyond rewarding.Here at API, we delve

WRITTEN BY Sheryl Barden on July 24, 2021

“Our flight department needs to replace two pilot positions, but I can’t action the requisition until demand picks up.”In the past week, I’ve heard this statement by aviation hiring managers

WRITTEN BY Sheryl Barden on July 19, 2021

This article about whether to go with the 'diversity hire' vs. hire the 'best candidate' appeared in Aviation International News. View here. A colleague of mine recently heard a story involving an

WRITTEN BY Jennifer Pickerel on July 19, 2021

For 20 years, HR organizations and aviation recruiters (like API) have been suggesting that companies hire for “cultural fit.” And now—as we reexamine the implications of our words—it’s the perfect