HR professional in cubicle talking to employee - jennifer pickerel on NBAA Flight plan podcast talking about how to work with HR to retain aviation professionals

In the latest NBAA Flight Plan podcast, API’s Jennifer Pickerel talks with Rob Finfrock and a panel about the benefits of working with HR to educate them on the flight department. Specifically as it relates to the investment it takes to enter the aviation industry, the workplace culture, compensation, duty days and the shortage of talent.

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The Benefits of Working with HR

Attracting and retaining business aviation talent remains one of the industry’s most formidable challenges. 

Savvy aviation managers have a rapport with their human resources staff and they work together to help their company hire and hold on to bizav’s best and brightest. 

“The first thing that has to happen [when working with HR] is the recruiter and the human resource director need to understand what we do [in business aviation],” says maintenance director Mike Pecore. “If it’s them coming out [to the airport] and shadowing us for a while or interviewing the current team … Let them get to know the organization.”

In this episode of NBAA’s “Flight Plan,” host Rob Finfrock speaks with:

  • Annemarie Oxman, NBAA chief people officer
  • Michael Pecore, director of maintenance for a Fortune 500 company flight operation
  • Jennifer Pickerel, vice president at Aviation Personnel International

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