Downsizing often results in your “retained” employees leaving, too.

No doubt you’ve heard of the mass layoffs in tech. Not to mention the rumors of flight department closures and layoffs in our industry. The economy’s ripple effects run deep, affecting those who lose their jobs, and the “survivors” who remain employed.

In fact, there’s a new study that looks at the results of what the researchers call “human capital outflow.” When you fire or layoff staff (or valued employees quit on their own), it’s the existing staff you need to think about. After all, they may start to worry about their own stability at the company.

Employee layoffs can have an unexpected domino effect. Meaning, your “retained” employees may leave because they don’t feel secure or taken care of by their employer.

And most of us know the high cost of turnover. Let alone the associated recruiting expenses of replacing several positions.

So, what can you do as an aviation leader?

Take Care of Outgoing and Existing Employees

First things first. Take care of your outgoing and existing employees—whether someone leaves of their own accord or due to a layoff. If you don’t pay extra attention to the team, the “surviving” staff notices. They’ll question what will happen to them in a similar scenario. It makes them feel less stable, and left to make career choices of their own.

And for goodness’s sake, don’t ignore what happened. Doing so is awkward and causes unnecessary gossip. Explain what happened and why, and give your team time to grieve any loss.

On the flip side, it’s wise to provide career-specific, high-touch outplacement services to outgoing staff. Doing so gives remaining staff peace of mind. They’ll see that their company has their backs if another layoff happens.

Consider Aviation Outplacement Services

At API, we work alongside HR departments to provide aviation specific outplacement support. We especially help those who are leaving the organization. Many times, these professionals haven’t been in the job market for years and forget what it’s like to be out of work. It’s stressful and impacts the entire family.

Essentially, we help bridge the gap between jobs. We do this by offering at least two months of career coaching and job-search training. And we help outplacement participants work on their resumes, personal branding and prepare them to interview for new jobs. As our product name implies, we’ll help the job searchers put their “best foot forward.”

Why Choose API Outplacement?

With API’s services, your outgoing staff gets industry-specific advice. And the employers have the benefit of proving their concern while, at the same time, putting their brand in a positive light.

And, unlike general outplacement providers, we know business aviation inside and out. We know the available jobs, challenges and opportunities. And we know the language of aviation. For example, we know not to advise pilots the same way an accountant or a marketing professional would be advised. Aviation is a whole other world that requires specialization.

Industry experience

At API, we know aviation. This affords us a massive network of industry contacts. We’re in a “who-you-know” industry, and we know most aviation directors and their plans for hiring.

Plus, we’re well-versed in aviation lingo and all the relevant abbreviations and acronyms. We understand the requirements for flight hours, type ratings, equipment and certifications. We recognize the passion and lifelong commitment it takes to enter and stay in this industry. And, we’ll be your champion throughout the job-search process.

Emotional support

It’s easy for “outplaced” employees to develop a fragile state of mind. This can impede their ability to make quick decisions when finding a new job. That’s why we’ve honed our focus on the all-important emotional component. Since our motto is “It’s About People,” we make sure to take care of our people! Thus, we invest the time to understand what makes each person’s situation unique.

Experience with families

We take a “big-picture” approach in every hiring scenario. For example, we consider how the hiring process might affect the candidate’s family. It may require a cross-country relocation. Additionally, it might mean sending a key-contributing parent away for lengthy training.

What to Expect

During the outplacement process, participants will benefit from our industry connections and resourcefulness. Participants in “Your Best Foot Forward” can expect to:

  • Understand the emotions of a job loss and how to work through the grief process.
  • Evaluate their current situation and set career goals.
  • Develop networks – Networking happens at events and via email and phone calls. LinkedIn is also a great resource.
  • Target and understand the current job market.
  • Research potential employers.
  • Hone their personal brand – in person, on paper and online.
  • Compose the perfect resume and cover letter for each opportunity.
  • Prepare for interviews with real-time expertise.
  • Receive guidance for interviews in a virtual setting or in person.
  • Navigate the contract market, understanding the benefits and pitfalls of being a contractor.


If you’ve heard rumblings about a downsizing or department closing, please reach out. Talk to your Director and/or HR partner. Share this article to educate them about our aviation-specific expertise. It’s very much a “best practice” that your severance package includes outplacement. Especially one that’s specific to aviation. We are here to help make that happen, and will use absolute discretion in doing so. Just ask.

Client Endorsements

API’s clients can say best how valuable it was to use API ’s specialized employment services. Following are just two of the many endorsements we receive from extremely satisfied clients.

“API’s outplacement assistance was invaluable.”

As our organization faced impending closure, we looked to API to act as the guiding hand for our members during their transition. API was ready immediately to provide the advice needed as our team faced the challenge of redirecting their careers. It’s hard to put a price tag on that, but I can tell you that API’s assistance—both in the early days and over the course of several months—was invaluable.

“(API) thoroughly knows their industry, the marketplace and the intricacies of the outplacement arena. A perfect combination!”

I’m a big supporter of outplacement services for people impacted by downsizing, and was worried about using an organization that might not have any experience or knowledge of this industry. Thankfully I was introduced to API. This is an organization that thoroughly knows their industry, the marketplace and the intricacies of the outplacement arena. A perfect combination!

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