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AINsight: Hire by Design, Not Default

hire by design not default - sheryl barden AINsight

This guest blog post about how to hire by design (not default) appeared in Aviation International News. View here.   As the U.S. economy opens up, many professionals are looking for a career change. In […]

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Focus on Inclusion, Then Hire for Diversity

inclusion before diversity - group of diverse work employees hands

These days, we hear a lot about hiring for diversity. After all, it’s a big part of the larger Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) movement—not only in business aviation but […]

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AINsight: On the Precipice of Another Talent Shortage

job interview candidate talent shortage man buttoning suit

This guest blog post about the aviation talent shortage appeared in Aviation International News. View here.   There’s a clear return to flying as vaccinations ramp up and regions reopen. In fact, just […]

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AINsight: Covid-19 Vaccine FAQs for Bizav Pros

covid-19 vaccine - AINsight article - Sheryl Barden - black woman receiving vaccine from white nurse

In corporate boardrooms around the globe, the Covid-19 vaccine—and whether to mandate it for employees—is on the agenda. After all, businesses have an ethical and legal duty to keep their […]

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5 Rules to Block Bias in the Hiring Process

block bias - seven business professionals waiting for an interview - aviation personnel - recruiting

Have you heard of the ABCs of bias? And do you know that there are proven ways to block bias? It’s true. In fact, at the recent NBAA Leadership Conference, […]

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At a Career Crossroads? Take It to the Next Level—Or Not

man walking across street - implies career crossroads - aviation personnel

Most of us—during our business aviation journey—come to a career crossroads. It’s that inevitable point at which we decide which path to follow. Will it be to thrive as an […]

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AINsight: Impact of Aviation Management

aviation management - two men using ipad in hangar

Over the past few years, and especially during Covid, aviation management companies have experienced explosive growth. This is due in large part to the influx of new aircraft owners—both high-net-worth […]

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As seen in JETNET iQ PULSE: Keeping it Classy

jetnet iq pulse keeping it classy by sheryl barden march 2021

This “Keeping it Classy” article originally appeared in the March 11th issue of the JETNET iQ PULSE newsletter. Download the PDF here. FromRollie Vincent, JETNET iQ Creator/Director “Sheryl Barden, one of our […]

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AINsights: An Awakening

AINsights an awakening - sheryl barden - space and clouds

Unlikely as it might seem, in many ways, the pandemic has been an awakening. It’s temporarily relieved the pressure valve on the pilot shortage. It’s gotten companies to innovate in […]

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Middle Managers: Bizav’s ‘Unsung Heroes’

middle managers - man at desk - sunset - jennifer pickerel - API

A VP or Aviation Director might get credit as the leader of a flight department. But if you ask me, middle managers oftentimes are the “unsung heroes” of business aviation. After […]

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Six Months to CAM: I Did It and So Can You!

six months to CAM - certified aviation manager certificate - sheryl barden

I DID IT! That is, I completed NBAA’s Six Months to CAM program, passed the exam, and I’m now an officially Certified Aviation Manager (CAM). For those unfamiliar, many equate a CAM […]

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AINsight: Restoring Civility in the Workplace

fist bump with two hands - restoring civility in the workplace

Everywhere I go it seems like controversial topics quickly become front and center. At my book club, my weekly golf group, in work meetings, and of course on TV. As a […]

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Seven ‘Silent Saboteurs’ That Limit Our Success

seven silent saboteurs business man in suit with arms crossed

It’s typical “standard operating procedure” to reflect on our wins and losses, and then apply the lessons learned to our next challenge. But what about some of our deeply rooted behaviors […]

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AINsight: Light at the End of ‘Proficiency’ Tunnel

light in tunnel proficiency

This week, we watched the first doses of the Covid-19 vaccine depart via air from Kalamazoo, Michigan. It was amazing—and gratifying—to witness aviation play such a big role. The culmination […]

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How to Manage Stress & Job Insecurity

how to manage stress outside of hangar -bizav pro - man sad in nature

Training aviation pros how to manage stress on the job? That’s a piece of cake. But how about facing personal threats—like a threat to job security? Or worse, when the […]

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Year-in-Review Annual Report

year-in-review annual report year 2020

‘Tis the season to see how far we’ve come in the past 12 months. And this year especially. Despite what 2020 has delivered, we all have had major experiences worth […]

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AINsight: Making the ‘Handshake Connection’

AINsight blog - pilot shortage over - sheryl barden - handshake connection

The investment mogul Warren Buffett once asked, “Ever give a firm handshake over a speakerphone?” This quote from a decade-old “No Plane, No Gain” initiative has stayed with me because nothing […]

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How to Connect During COVID: Why Networking Matters

API team zoom call - connect during covid - networking

No matter the industry, most of us tend to find jobs via the strength of our connections. It’s all about relationships. Genuine, true relationships. And building those relationships happens through good, solid, […]

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What is a ‘Bridge Job’ and Will it Ruin My Resume?

man standing on bridge - bridge job - api aviation

When 2020 began, one of the last thoughts on the minds of aviation jobseekers was the possibility of considering a “bridge job” instead of a dream job. Now, nine months into […]

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Aviation Scholarships: Tips and Tricks of the Trade

business aviation scholarships winners

Aviation scholarships — specifically those awarded in business aviation — can often seem like “pie-in-the-sky” pursuits. That is: difficult to win, with a lot of hoops to jump through and […]

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