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The Value of Using Hiring Scorecards in Aviation Interviews

scorecard poor average good excellent

Last month, API’s Sheryl Barden and I presented a workshop on job hiring strategies at an NBAA conference in Portland, OR. As we got underway, we were somewhat surprised to […]

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2015 NBAA Maintenance Management Conference Recap

Jim Sparks kicks off nbaa maintenance conference

The value of investing time, effort and dollars was brought home to us in a big way. That’s why I wanted to review our participation in the 2015 NBAA Maintenance […]

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Business Aviation Maintenance Career Advancement Strategies

Bombardier Challenger business aircraft nose maintenance

In business aviation, the maintenance organization is a cornerstone of the operation. That’s why, in part II of API’s aviation maintenance, I’m sharing even more insights from my conversations with […]

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Seven Qualities for Building a Solid Aviation Maintenance Staff

business aviation maintenance staff working on citation jet

Looking to build a solution aviation maintenance staff? Whether you’re an aviation maintenance manager looking to create a strong, smoothly functioning team or an up-and-coming technical professional seeking to become […]

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From Good to Great, Part II: Finance and Metrics for Chief Pilots

female private chief pilot in cockpit

In our first post in this three-part series about chief pilots, co-author Jim Lara and I shared the four key leadership traits required of a great chief pilot. Next, we’re […]

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Business Networking 101, Part I: It’s Not Just About Who You Know

business networking at large event

When it comes to business networking, some say that it’s all about “who you know.” But I respectfully disagree. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, good networking isn’t necessarily about who knows […]

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How to Implement an Effective Onboarding Program

lanyard badge with I am new written on it

Have you ever taken the time to talk to your human resources contact to learn what your annual turnover rate is? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cost […]

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Outplacement: The “Upside” to Downsizing

outplacement male-employee-leaving-company-box-of-supplies

“Workplace transition”—which is often a softer term for layoffs or downsizings—is never easy, especially when it stems from actions that occur beyond our control. In business aviation, these “transitions” usually […]

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Cost of a Bad Hire: It’s More Than Skills and Experience


“HIRE STANDARDS” Aviation departments often operate with a lean staff, so when an employee retires, is terminated, or leaves, there may be a rush to fill that position. To avoid the most […]

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How to Improve Your Career While You’re Employed

man writing personal growth chart -

So you’ve landed that job you were looking for . . . congratulations! Now that you’re gainfully employed, it’s actually the best time to make sure that you’re taking some […]

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Job Search Tips for Aspiring “Millennial” Professionals


Every generation has a label:  the post-World War II “Baby Boomers,” were followed by the “Gen-X’ers,” with all the expected categorizing attributed to that segment of society. The generation that followed […]

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Bridging the Gap: Engaging Four Generations on the Job

multi generations in the workforce

No matter your age, location or job title in business aviation, you’ve likely noticed a generational shift on the hangar floor—even in the cockpit. Perhaps you’ve witnessed an undercurrent of […]

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Weighing the Benefits of a Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) Credential

aircraft pilot writing

As a recruiter exclusively focused on the aviation business, I’m often asked by our candidates how important obtaining a Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) credential is. And, with some consideration to […]

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From Good to Great: 4 Leadership Traits of Chief Pilots

Sucessful businesswoman with jet - traits of chief pilot

In the business aviation industry, good chief pilots serve as leaders in a technically oriented world. And great chief pilots are true leaders – ones who sets a clear direction […]

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12 Things to Do While You’re Unemployed or Looking to Make a Change

job search while unemployed man looking at crossroads

Imagine arriving at work on Monday morning and being told that your job has been eliminated due to recent budget cuts. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? […]

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How to Land a High-Level Corporate Flight Department Job

Business man climbing stairs in sky

So, you’re looking for a high-level corporate flight department job. Preferably a directorship or some other position of authority. And, you’re wondering how to best position yourself so that you […]

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Addressing Talent Pipeline Challenges in Business Aviation

sky graphic

Listen to an NBAA Flight Plan podcast on addressing talent pipeline challenges. This is the eighth podcast in a series about NBAA’s 2014 Top Safety Focus areas. The NBAA Safety Committee […]

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How to Work with a Recruiter Like API

work with a recruiter on bizav career

Knowing how and when to establish a relationship with a recruiter can be challenging. Many people feel perfectly comfortable applying for open job postings and/or using their own network to […]

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6 Ways Corporate Aviation Leaders Can Partner with HR


Did you know that, as a corporate aviation professional, your Human Resources partner is one of your flight department’s greatest resources? A challenge is that some HR professionals feel like they’ve […]

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10 Surefire Ways to Stand Out During the Hiring Process

red pencil among gray pencils - how to standout during the hiring process

At some point in your working life, you’re going to decide to make a career change. That means you’ll be headed for the hiring process. Are you ready? Have you been […]

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