WRITTEN BY Jill Henning ON September 9, 2019

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NBAA women in aviation share secrets to successThe past 75 years have seen an evolution in the roles of women in aviation. From the formation of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) in 1943 to today, women have gone from being an important but underrated element of aviation in World War II, to now holding key leadership positions.

Today, women in aviation leadership positions want to help the next generation of women succeed.

Sheryl Barden, president and CEO of Aviation Personnel International, also recommends being flexible. When a career opportunity presents itself, don’t immediately dismiss it because you’re comfortable where you are and you don’t want to move. Comfort can blind you to seeing opportunities.

“The right job is there when it needs you, not when you need it,” said Barden. “You grow and advance your career by taking new opportunities.”

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