Panel of Business Aviation Experts to Discuss Talent Development, Internships, Training and Recruitment

San Francisco – October 18, 2013 – For the second consecutive year, Sheryl Barden, President and CEO of Aviation Personnel International and NBAA Associate Member Advisory Council member, will moderate a panel of industry experts to address new developments regarding the declining aviation talent pool. The 90-minute session is Tuesday, Oct. 22 at 10:30 a.m. during the National Business Aviation Association’s (NBAA) Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Last year at NBAA, in front of a packed room, a panel of industry leaders postulated their theories for why the business aviation industry is currently facing ‘the perfect storm,’ and why flight departments are being forced to recruit aggressively to increase the pool of talented people,” said Sheryl Barden, President and CEO of Aviation Personnel International. “As we face a shortage of qualified aviation candidates entering the corporate aviation industry, I’m proud to be asked once again to moderate a panel of experts to help our industry’s leaders navigate the storm.”

During the Career and Leadership Development panel entitled: “The Perfect Storm:” Continuing to Address the Declining Aviation Talent Pool,” hear from Barden and five industry leaders as they reveal startling statistics and discuss ways flight departments can plan to be at-the-ready, and attract and retain talented employees, especially during a shortage of trained aviation professionals. The panel will explore, and even challenge, current approaches to recruitment, talent development, internships, training, as well as ways to develop passion and commitment for aviation careers in the next generation.

The five panelists include:

Ms. Lee Brewster

Lee Brewster

Lee Brewster, President and Executive Director, National Center for Aerospace & Transportation Technologies, will highlight how aviation maintenance roles are evolving. She will explore the skills gap between newly licensed A&P mechanics and the basic needs of business aviation flight departments.

Carlton Davis

Carl Davis

Capt. Carlton “Carl” Davis, Chief Pilot – Pilot Services for Boeing Flight Services, will share relevant data from Boeing’s Pilot & Technician Outlook workforce statistics as well as thoughts on how business aviation will be affected by changes in the airline industry.


Kevin Hiatt

Kevin Hiatt

Kevin L. Hiatt, President and CEO of Flight Safety Foundation, will discuss the challenges put upon a safety organization due to a lack of trained aviation personnel and a tight labor pool.


Dr. Charles Reagan

Dr. Charles Reagan

Charles “Chuck” Reagan, Ph.d., NBAA Board Member, is a Professor of Aviation and Philosophy at Kansas State University, and serves as an advisor to the University President. Dr. Reagan will share how the development path for students has been affected by the FAA’s 1500 hour/ATP rule for commercial pilots and how this may impact the influx of new students.


Richard Walsh

Richard Walsh

Richard Walsh, NBAA Board Member-Elect and vice-president of a Fortune 20 flight department, will share his company’s approach to developing entry-level college graduates into fully functioning members of a Business Aviation flight department within a 3-year time frame.

Attendees will take away a greater understanding of the talent shortage and learn how to address these six questions:

  1. WHO in my organization needs to know about this?
  2. WHAT do they need to know?
  3. WHERE do I find internal and external partners to help me tackle this for my organization?
  4. HOW do I craft solutions so my department and my organization can stay ahead of this issue?
  5. TODAY, how and where do I find talent and what impact do internships play?
  6. TOMORROW, how do I vigilantly retain talent?
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