API Celebrates 40 Years in Aviation

Founder Janice K. Barden was among the first female professionals in business aviation 

SAN FRANCISCO Oct. 2011 – In 1971, Federal Express, Amtrak and more than 25 air carriers, including Southwest Airlines, were considered startups. That was also the same year that Janice K. Barden benefited from her 16 years as a professional aviation psychologist to create her own startup— Aviation Personnel International, the first female owned and operated retained search firm designed exclusively to serve the hiring needs of private and business aviation professionals. This year, API celebrates 40 years in aviation.

“Since joining NBAA as member No. 173, I developed a battery of psychological tests and helped at least two generations of aviation professionals propel their careers forward,” Janice K. Barden, Founder and Chairman of Aviation Personnel International (www.APIaviation.com). I’m especially proud of the hundreds of meticulously vetted candidates who’ve made such a positive impact on private and corporate aviation, making it stronger, safer and more professional. It has truly been a privilege to witness the level of talent as well as the hiring process mature these past 40 years.”

On the business/corporate side, today’s aviation organizations are becoming more supported by all levels of the organization—from human resources (HR) and finance to security and risk management. The API (www.APIaviation.com) team builds relationships with aviation and HR hiring authorities.

“Not only do we see HR professionals coming to API to tap into our broad portfolio of carefully screened candidates, they rely on us for our four decades of aviation expertise,” says Sheryl Barden, President and CEO of API. “As anyone in the industry knows, it’s a whole different ballgame when a company is faced with hiring an aviation professional who spends a significant portion of their ‘day at the office’ within earshot of top officials—not to mention, they may be required to depart at all times of the day, month and year—including holidays.”


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