WRITTEN BY Jill Henning ON January 27, 2021

NBAA Business Aviation Insider Cover Jan/Feb 2021 - boomerang workers

NBAA Business Aviation Insider Cover Jan/Feb 2021 - boomerang workersWhile the COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily eased concerns of a personnel shortage, the business aviation industry needs to continue its focus on workforce development and retention in anticipation of not only full recovery from COVID, but continued growth.

Former employees are one often overlooked – or even scoffed at – workforce pipeline. “Boomerang workers” are those who left an organization but want to return. Should companies even consider former employees for open positions? Experts say “yes…”

Two top aviation recruiting and staffing experts providing some guidance on how to handle possible rehiring of former employees.

“A carte blanche policy never to hire back a former employee is a short-sighted perspective,” said Jennifer Pickerel, vice president of Aviation Personnel International. “This is especially true in aviation, where employees tend to be highly skilled in unique fields. You’re omitting a potentially significant pool of talent prospects.”

However, there are times when rehiring isn’t appropriate. For example, in cases of an employee who was terminated for cause. In other situations, the individual might be very talented, but a bad personality fit for an organization.

Read the original article about boomerang workers, published in the Jan/Feb issue of NBAA’s Business Aviation Insider.

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