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In a joint presentation Tuesday afternoon at BASS 2023, Captain Kimberly Perkins and Jennifer Pickerel, vice president at Aviation Personnel International (API), said that culture can be closely linked to aviation safety.

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At IOC2023, the NBAA IOC Chair, John Tuten, presented the Guy Gribble IOC Appreciation Award to IOC Committee members Debbi Laux and Steve Thorpe. At NBAA’s 2023 International Operators Conference

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Flexjet COO Megan Wolf Read the original private aviation article from Chief Executive magazine. Business aviation is running out of pilots and mechanics. CEOs aren’t stuck on tarmacs while their

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Jennifer Pickerel and Sheryl Barden present at the Bombardier Safety Standdown, November 2022 Read the original aviation safety article in the January 2023 issue of Aviation International News. Bombardier opened

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Read original NBAA article regarding retiring commercial airline pilots. Business aviation can offer a welcome and lucrative option for pilots who want to keep flying after retiring from, or otherwise

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In this podcast, NBAA’s Rob Finfrock addresses the 2023 business aviation hiring outlook with Jennifer Pickerel and other thought leaders. Listen to the MP3 here. ————- 2023 Business Aviation Hiring

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API’s Sheryl Barden and Jennifer Pickerel discussed employee safety during their Safety Standdown presentation called “Safety Starts with People.” Following is an excerpt from Jerry Siebenmark’s article on employee safety

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At the 2022 Bombardier Safety Standdown, Sheryl Barden and Jennifer Pickerel presented “Safety Starts with People.” ‘Safety Starts With People’ was the topic of API’s presentation at the annual Bombardier

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On the eve of NBAA-BACE 2022 in Orlando, Jo Damato and Doug Carr presented Debbi Laux with the NBAA Silk Scarf award. In the Nov/Dec 2022 issue of Professional Pilot

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NBAA’s Jo Damato and Doug Carr presented Debbi Laux with the prestigious Silk Scarf award for her industry volunteerism and advocacy. NBAA honored longtime NBAA volunteer and industry advocate Debbi