posted by Jill Henning on December 17, 2021

  Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) gets a lot of media coverage these days. Are these just the latest management buzzwords? What do those terms mean? And why should you

posted by Jill Henning on December 10, 2021

When considering maintenance technician candidates, managers and HR experts look for certain traits to ensure that the new hires will fit well into their operation. While the resumes of many

posted by Jennifer Pickerel on November 29, 2021

Customers and employees are increasingly demanding that organizations adopt socially responsible policies. But for the uninitiated, successfully applying new business practices can seem daunting. How can business aviation departments follow

posted by Jill Henning on September 28, 2021

This article about recruiting Gen Z professionals to the business aviation industry originally appeared in NBAA’s Business Aviation Insider publication. View here. Each day, business aviation recruiters need to hire

posted by Sheryl Barden on September 17, 2021

This article about business aviation leaders having a seat at the table originally appeared in Aviation International News. View here. Part 91 flight department leaders aren’t just aviation experts, they’re

posted by Sheryl Barden on September 10, 2021

Business & Commercial Aviation (BCA) published its 2021 Operations Planning Guide in September, and API's CEO Sheryl Barden once again provided key pilot salary and HR-related data.The guide includes aircraft

posted by Sheryl Barden on June 14, 2021

The opportunity to fly top-of-the-line turboprops and jets in a challenging environment. If becoming a professional pilot to you has meant only the airlines, consider becoming a business aviation pilot

posted by Jill Henning on May 19, 2021

Can employers require their employees to get a Covid-19 vaccination? What has proven to be a divisive issue among the general population has extended to business aviation, with reports that

posted by Sheryl Barden on March 19, 2021

Over the past few years, and especially during Covid, aviation management companies have experienced explosive growth. This is due in large part to the influx of new aircraft owners—both high-net-worth

posted by Jill Henning on March 11, 2021

Sheryl Barden, one of our industry’s most acknowledged experts on all things people, is featured in the March 2021 issue of JETNET iQ Pulse. In it, she share insights on