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your best foot forward outplacement service - Aviation International News people in the newsAviation Personnel International (API) has updated its “Your Best Foot Forward” aviation outplacement program to support virtual platforms and incorporate the latest technology. The program helps companies provide support to employees who are facing layoffs. These updates were designed to enhance the platform to meet the challenges associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, API said.

Along with enabling career coaches and participants to meet virtually in small group workshops, the updates let coaches work with each outplacement participant in developing a job-seeking strategy.

The new virtual delivery platform includes online video capabilities and provides access to workshop training materials through a secured website. At the same time, API said, it has “honed its focus” on emotional support to ensure coaches understand the unique factors in each situation.

Recognizing that many outplacement participants haven’t been in the job market for a decade or possibly longer, the API coach will help review and update the job-seekers’ social media footprint and the company offers resume templates that will help “make it past an electronic scanner.” Video interview and cover letter support also are available.

“When a company hires API for outplacement, they demonstrate to their flight department employees that their departure will be handled with great care and concern,” said API president and CEO Sheryl Barden. “We’re a specialized aviation outplacement firm, so it’s a win-win. The displaced employee reaps the benefit of aviation-specific career coaching, and their employer is able to do the right thing. Additionally, the employer can shed a positive light on their brand.”

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