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How to Improve Your Career While You’re Employed

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So you’ve landed that job you were looking for . . . congratulations! Now that you’re gainfully employed, it’s actually the best time to make sure that you’re taking some steps to improve your career readiness. After all, you never know when you’ll pick up that phone call offering you a fantastic opportunity—be it someone from within your own organization seeking a leader, an industry organization tapping you to serve as a committee member or even a local aviation group looking for a keynote speaker. Whoever it might be on the other […]

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Job Search Tips for Aspiring “Millennial” Professionals


Every generation has a label:  the post-World War II “Baby Boomers,” were followed by the “Gen-X’ers,” with all the expected categorizing attributed to that segment of society. The generation that followed them, however—called the “Millennials,” (1980 to roughly 2000) is a truly unique and fascinating one, because they happen to be the first generation to have used and relied upon technology almost exclusively. They are the generation that grew up with it in school, took it to college and now use it in the workforce. For members of the Millennial Generation, everything […]

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Weighing the Benefits of a Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) Credential

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As a recruiter exclusively focused on the aviation business, I’m often asked by our candidates how important obtaining a Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) credential is. And, with some consideration to their particular career track, nine times out of 10 my answer is resounding “yes.” That answer is echoed by many CAM-holding aviation industry leaders, including Aviation Department Manager Scott Moore, Captain/Safety Manager Bryan Berkbigler and Director of Aviation Chris Lima. I’ll share with you some of their insights below. In business aviation, a CAM credential identifies the bearer as a qualified professional, […]

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From Good to Great: 4 Leadership Traits of Chief Pilots

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In the business aviation industry, good chief pilots serve as leaders in a technically oriented world. And great chief pilots are true leaders – ones who sets a clear direction and are aligned with their entire aviation leadership team: director of aviation, director of maintenance, the scheduling/dispatch manager and the business manager. Getting chief pilots from “good” to “great” is actually easier than you may think. Below are four key leadership traits to help chief pilots progress into business aviation leadership: 1. Be a “pilot’s pilot.” A great chief pilot will have walked […]

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12 Things to Do While You’re Unemployed or Looking to Make a Change

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Imagine arriving at work on Monday morning and being told that your job has been eliminated due to recent budget cuts. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Does panic mode set, in or do you stay cool as a cucumber? Who is the first person you call—aside from your significant other—an industry colleague, a former coworker or an industry recruiter, like Aviation Personnel International? If you ever find yourself out of a job, the best advice I can offer you is to stay focused and take action. It’s very likely […]

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How to Land a High-Level Corporate Flight Department Job

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So, you’re looking for a high-level corporate flight department job. Preferably a directorship or some other position of authority. And, you’re wondering how to best position yourself so that you end up on the shortlist. With 43 years of hiring experience in this very complex field, API has accumulated quite a bit of knowledge that I’m happy to pass on to prospective aviation “hirees” at the leadership level. The overarching thing to remember is that no two companies are alike; each one has different hiring philosophies. This means there’s no “one-size-fits-all” checklist that […]

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How to Work with a Recruiter Like API

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Knowing how and when to establish a relationship with a recruiter can be challenging. Many people feel perfectly comfortable applying for open job postings and/or using their own network to make a career change. However, when it comes to establishing a relationship with a recruiter, there are two big bonuses (among many). First, you dramatically expand your network by becoming a part of the recruitment firm’s network. Getting yourself added to their extensive database of qualified candidates will enable them to act in your behalf as a second set of eyes […]

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10 Surefire Ways to Stand Out During the Hiring Process

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At some point in your working life, you’re going to decide to make a career change. That means you’ll be headed for the hiring process. Are you ready? Have you been in your current position for a while? If you’re accustomed to the pace and particulars of your job, it may be challenging to make a change. But it’s definitely something worth trying. The question is, however, how do you differentiate yourself from those who are pursuing the same job? And, if you were the recruiter, would you hire you? I’ve seen plenty […]

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