posted by Sheryl Barden on July 24, 2021

“Our flight department needs to replace two pilot positions, but I can’t action the requisition until demand picks up.”In the past week, I’ve heard this statement by aviation hiring managers

posted by Jennifer Pickerel on July 29, 2019

Are pilot pay, benefits and quality of life the keys to retention during the talent shortage?Here at Aviation Personnel International, we happen to think so.After all, business aircraft owners and

posted by Sheryl Barden on May 2, 2019

We are now in the third year of an unprecedented shortage of pilots, and the situation is not going to get better quickly. There simply are not enough pilots in

posted by Sheryl Barden on April 12, 2019

One of the most pressing issues facing business aviation is the shortage of pilots and maintenance professionals. And because of those shortages, most aviation organizations are modifying their total compensation

posted by Sheryl Barden on December 14, 2018

Several aviation workforce issues are hot right now. And retaining our business aviation professionals is chief among them. That’s why I decided to interview two pilots who left their corporate

posted by Sheryl Barden on November 28, 2018

 I was in a deep leather chair on the fourth floor of the University Club on San Francisco’s Nob Hill viewing a downtown obscured in a smoke haze generated by

posted by Jill Henning on May 14, 2018

If you’ve ever been promoted from within your flight department, chances are you’ve experienced moving from someone’s “buddy” to someone’s “boss.”Suddenly being the leader of one or more of your

posted by Jenny Showalter on July 5, 2017

With so many critical changes occurring in the aviation industry—most notably the pilot shortage—we’re hearing more and more from our API Registered Professionals.Many are telling us they are relatively happy

posted by Sheryl Barden on April 3, 2015

In our first post in this three-part series about chief pilots, co-author Jim Lara and I shared the four key leadership traits required of a great chief pilot. Next, we’re

posted by Sheryl Barden on November 15, 2014

In the business aviation industry, good chief pilots serve as leaders in a technically oriented world. And great chief pilots are true leaders – ones who sets a clear direction