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How to Evaluate Your Total Compensation Package

total compensation - man with tablet and charts

One of the most pressing issues facing business aviation is the shortage of pilots and maintenance professionals. And because of those shortages, most aviation organizations are modifying their total compensation structures. While most Part 91 employers cannot match airline base salaries, many organizations are winning at the war for talent by offering a multi-faceted compensation program. This includes an attractive salary, potential bonus, equity in the company and company benefits.   What is Equity Compensation? As a refresher, the granting of compensation in the form of equity can take many forms: options, restricted stock […]

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Striking a Work/Life Balance for Schedulers & Dispatchers

S&D panel

In the fast-moving world of business aviation, “duty calls” at all hours of the day and night. Especially for Schedulers and Dispatchers. When does a global 24/7 operation stop? When does the phone stop ringing? The answer is, it doesn’t. Our aviation departments run 24/7/365. But human beings cannot keep up that pace. Maybe Bill Gates was a 24/7/365 kind of guy when he built and ran one of the largest companies in the world, but the bulk of us are not manically driven entrepreneurs like Bill. We’re expected to leave work one […]

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Grassroots Education: Answering the Call

MSMU Business Aviation Career Day

A key message I just heard at the NBAA Leadership Conference was about the value of reaching out to talented young people. The goal being to educate them and pique their interest in the field of business aviation. During his keynote address, NBAA’s Chief, Ed Bolen, encouraged us to “talk the way young people talk,” and to approach them about getting involved in the field of business aviation. He challenged each of us to take personal responsibility for the growth of our industry. Coincidentally, I have that exact same personal and professional […]

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Corporate Aviation vs. Airlines: Two Pilots Weigh In

Corporate Aviation vs. Airlines: Two Pilots Weigh In - pilots in cockpit

In two recent blogs, my colleague, Jenny Showalter, and I turned our attention to “job-jumping” in aviation. Jenny’s blog, Look Before You Leap, urged pilots and others who are seeking greener pastures to exercise some caution before making a radical career move. And my blog, Hangar-Hopping, summarized some discussions I’ve had with a pilot who told me he regretted leaving his job at a corporate flight departments to fly for an airline. The topic of aviation workforce issues is highly relevant right now, and I continue to find it intriguing on […]

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Pilot Shortage Is Real And Worrisome Long-Term, Recruiter Barden Says

pilot shortage - Photo credit: Hiller Aviation Museum - photo of young girl flying plane simulator

  I was in a deep leather chair on the fourth floor of the University Club on San Francisco’s Nob Hill viewing a downtown obscured in a smoke haze generated by the terrible Camp Fire, still smoldering 150 mi. to the northeast. At long last, it was finally raining. Presently I was joined by my host and club member Sheryl Barden. I had taken a break from a family Thanksgiving visit to discuss the pilot shortage’s effect on business aviation with someone who could provide insight, perspective and—possibly—a way forward.   By way of […]

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Look Before You Leap, or Vice Versa?

look before you leap - pair of binoculars

Imagine hearing: “I want to earn a million dollars a year flying a G650 with a tight-knit crew, travel to the most exotic destinations in the world, and work only on days that don’t conflict with my personal life.” Sounds like pretty good deal, doesn’t it? When considering your career, it’s easy to develop tunnel vision, and start to focus more on your dream career vs. embracing the reality of what you’re presently doing. This dilemma has been top-of-mind for me these days, especially since Sheryl Barden, API’s CEO, published a blog earlier […]

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BizAv Workforce Shortage: Do We Need a Paradigm Change?

workforce shortage puzzle

This past August, I was invited to participate at NBAA’s second annual Workforce Summit held in Washington DC. The goal of the Summit was to discuss strategies that industry stakeholders can employ to help cope with the workforce shortages our industry is currently experiencing. While many excellent topics were addressed (as outlined in this NBAA article), the big takeaway for me was that the situation warrants a paradigm shift. Especially as it relates to the pilot and maintenance technician shortage—and the alarming decrease in the number of high school and college […]

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Hangar-Hopping: Is the Grass Really Greener?

hangar-hopping - is the grass greener in aviation?

We’ve all heard the phrase, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” And it applies to some recent conversations I’ve had with both pilots and maintenance professionals who are thinking of leaving for the lure of money and/or a better schedule. But is the grass really that much greener? I’m questioning whether these aspiring individuals are taking ample time to actually think about their personal and professional goals. Are they really ready to leave? Will the pros outweigh the cons? What are the long-term implications getting some immediate gratification? […]

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Get Creative! Why Typical Retention Bonuses Don’t Work

take the money and run

The business aviation industry is abuzz about compensation and its relationship to the pilot shortage, and one thing we can be certain of is that this issue is not going away anytime soon. Correspondingly, here at API, we’ve been doing our fair share of compensation consulting with our clients (mostly corporate flight departments). And they want to know how they compare to the airlines and other business aviation entities. So, it’s time to think outside of the box and take action. It’s time to talk about the ways and means of creative […]

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The High Cost of Pilot Turnover

high cost of pilot turnover - man with dollar sign and clock

Lately, a lot of us are talking about aviation retention strategies—especially with the critical shortage of qualified talent. So, the question is: why should an aviation director take heed? For starters, most flight departments are already operating with a lean staff. But the biggest reason we should put the issue of retention strategies on the front burner is because of the significantly high cost of pilot turnover.   Gone in the Blink of an Eye One of the major problems with turnover is that the departure of a corporate pilot can leave your organization high […]

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