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Leadership isn’t about single-handedly wielding every card in the deck. It’s about curating a team of experts, as Sheryl Barden explains in her guest column for Aviation International News. In

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Pilots are getting paid. Can business aviation keep up with the lucrative salaries airlines are offering? BY MICHAEL WILDES So, let’s talk about money because, as Danny DeVito’s character once

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Michael Verdon’s pilot shortage article originally published in the Robb Report on October 22, 2023. Following recent salary hikes at commercial airlines, corporate pilots are reassessing their pay. After Delta,

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Sheryl Barden (API) moderated a panel about successful strategies for hiring low-time pilots and ensuring their success. Panelists included: Kirk Mies (AbbVie), Kim Kissh (AbbVie), Greg Burris (Masco), and Alison

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“Cockpit crisis,” originally appeared in Flight Daily News on October 19, 2023, and was written by Pilar Wolfsteller. Business aviation must market itself better as an exceptional career path deal

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The Overlooked Maintenance Crisis In business aviation, we’re often quick to discuss the soaring compensation of pilots and the shortage of talent. But behind the scenes, over in the maintenance

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Credit: Bernd Vogel/Getty Images via Aviation Week William Garvey’s article about the airline hiring binge and subsequent business aviation pilot shortage was first published on August 25, 2023. See it

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Burnout can lead to staff departures Recently, an industry friend called to talk about possibly looking for a new job. He told me that he’s had a great experience working

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I’ve never been a fan of the pilot training contract. Meaning a legal document that binds a pilot to a flight department for a set period of time after earning

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API’s President & CEO Sheryl Barden contributed to the salary-related information in the 2023 BCA’s Operations Planning Guide. (Log-in required) Following is the salary section excerpt… Salaries Included are salaries