posted by Christine Wetherell on June 20, 2024

Are you new to a business aviation job search? It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about where to begin. Many of our candidates say they feel like a

posted by Jennifer Pickerel on May 10, 2019

In this competitive aviation job market, a great resume can work to get you noticed. But it won’t guarantee that you’ll end up landing the job.There’s a lot more that

posted by Sheryl Barden on March 15, 2019

Here at API, we frequently get emails and calls from job seekers asking, “Did you see the latest job posting at XYZ Company?”Sure, sometimes we know about the latest aviation

posted by cgadmin on July 5, 2017

With so many critical changes occurring in the aviation industry—most notably the pilot shortage—we’re hearing more and more from our API Registered Professionals.Many are telling us they are relatively happy

posted by cgadmin on April 10, 2017

The process of applying for your next aviation career opportunity has been turned inside out and upside down. We have the internet to thank for this! But understanding the most

posted by Sheryl Barden on November 11, 2016

If you’re in job-search mode, you may be wondering how to use a recruiter to gain the greatest exposure. There’s no doubt that in some fields—business aviation among them—using a

posted by Sheryl Barden on September 22, 2016

The most popular social media tool for business, LinkedIn is still proving itself a great tool for a variety of reasons—networking being the biggest one.In a sense, LinkedIn is becoming

posted by Sheryl Barden on February 3, 2016

The cover letter (or cover email) remains a vital part of today’s interview process. While the boring old, impersonal “to whom it may concern” cover letter may indeed be a

posted by Jennifer Pickerel on November 9, 2015

There’s no way we can ever overemphasize how important a properly written resume is to anyone’s job search. How your aviation resume reads—the story it tells about you and your

posted by Sheryl Barden on October 9, 2015

It’s often been said that you only have one chance to make a first impression and, when applying for a job, your resume is that first impression.Think of it as