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The Aviation Talent Shortage is Here and Now

pilot aviation talent shortage

As any keen observer of the aviation industry would likely agree, change is our primary constant. Even in an industry like ours that’s forever in flux, 2016 has a very different vibe than in the past—even when compared to last year. One of the greatest issues is the evaporating talent pool for aviation professionals. Our clients—the leaders of aviation departments—are describing an atmosphere of real concern regarding the hunt for talent. In fact, their usual “go-to” network of aviation friends and family is rapidly drying up. And its been widely published that the […]

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Business Aviation Hiring Trends: Part II

business jet business travel

As I emphasized in the first of this two-blog series, there’s much to be gained by paying attention to current business aviation hiring trends. And, as I said in that blog, the most prevalent trend is for change. It’s true that, regarding recruitment and hiring practices, our industry is in constant flux, and equally true that staying on top of it as best we can is imperative to operate successfully.   Following are a few more business aviation hiring trends:   Business Skills Trump Flying Skills When it comes to hiring someone for a VP or aviation […]

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What’s Trending in Business Aviation Careers, Part I

business aviation trends private pilots in cockpit

As a long-time recruiter, I’m always asked what trends I see, and what’s the latest happening in business aviation careers. So just what is trending in our industry? Change, that’s what! Hiring trends for any industry are always in flux, and that holds true as well for our ever-so-dynamic aviation industry. At present, one of the key issues is that the U.S. is experiencing a shortfall of qualified pilots, the effects of which are pretty far-reaching in the corporate aviation arena. In fact, we’re seeing all kinds of things occurring that are directly […]

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3 Cover Letter Basics for Job Seekers

hands on keyboard - job seeker writing cover letter

The cover letter (or cover email) remains a vital part of today’s interview process. While the boring old, impersonal “to whom it may concern” cover letter may indeed be a thing of the past, the personalized, well-written professional cover “email” or letter is still very much alive and well. The value of cover letters A resume, and its accompanying cover letter, represent your initial “handshake” with a potential employer. As mentioned in a recent blog, these documents show how you (the aviation candidate) choose to communicate. If they’re done well, they can […]

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8 Ways to Research a Company Before an Interview

keyboard featuring the word research company

A successful interview begins well before you find yourself sitting across from a potential employer, putting your best self forward. It starts with a lot of hard work and time well-spent to research a company you’re interested in joining. The good news is that, thanks to the Web, there’s a treasure trove of great information about most companies online. The exception, in business aviation, might be that there’s a dearth of material on flight departments run by high-net-worth individuals and families. But—not to worry—you can always engage your network behind the […]

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7 Ways to Help You Get a Job Promotion in the Flight Department

business man writing on chart with ability and attitude

Have you set your sights on the next step up in your flight organization? If so, that’s great. But as you know, it’s very unlikely someone’s going to simply tap you on the shoulder one day, say “Congratulations!” and hand you a job promotion. Like anything else worth earning, you are going to have to create a plan to achieve that goal and job. And that means preparing yourself—and the organization as a whole—for your place in the succession plan. Following is a checklist of seven productive measures you can engage to […]

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How to Detect a Job Burnout: a Checklist for Knowing When You Need to Find a New Job

Business man in office with burnout syndrome at desk

Job burnout getting you down? If so, you’re in good company, because surveys suggest that nearly 90 percent of the U.S. working population feels job-related stress or burnout at some point in their working careers. It’s true that it’s a common affliction, and corporate aviation, with its unique set of challenges and stresses, can be a particularly likely industry to help generate burnout. Of course, job burnout affects some more than others—everyone has his or her own “threshold of misery.” It’s a significant enough problem, though, that it might help to examine some […]

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Tell Your Story: 9 Resume Writing Tips from a Business Aviation Recruiter

chalkboard image with hired or ignored - business aviation recruiter resume tips

There’s no way we can ever overemphasize how important a properly written resume is to anyone’s job search. How your aviation resume reads—the story it tells about you and your experiences—will always be vital. Last month, we reviewed resume formatting from the “nuts and bolts” point of view—from discussion about the various sections and subheads, to page length, template, fonts, etc. Now in Part II, I’m sharing resume writing tips—what to say, what not to say, and how to best tell your story for the audience you’re seeking to impress: the business […]

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How Strategic Goal-Setting Can Boost Your Life and Career

compass pointing to the word goal setting

‘Tis the season for New Year resolutions! Yet why is “goal-setting” one of our least favorite personal progress activities? Whether or not we care to admit it to ourselves, nearly every one of us is a goal setter, in that we all have something that we look to accomplish in the future—a better job, a new home, losing that last 10 pounds or even qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Keep reading and you will hopefully find out that goal-setting can actually be fun! Mingling Professional and Personal Goals To help our API Registered […]

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Preparing Yourself for the All-Important Job Interview


For this, my “debut” blog for my brand-new employer, Aviation Personnel International, the topic of interviewing tips and tricks is quite fitting. Being the “new kid on the block” has its advantages—especially because I just navigated my way through the very process of self-examination, research and follow-through that many of API’s candidates will need to engage as they market themselves, their skills and experience for whatever aviation position they’re angling to land. So, while it’s still very fresh in my mind, I’d like to share with you some of things I’ve learned […]

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