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7 Ways to Make the Most of an Industry Event Like NBAA’s BACE

nbaa bace event prep

The opportunity to attend industry conferences and conventions like the upcoming NBAA’s BACE is a terrific one. But in order to fully capitalize on the experience, it’s important to be in the right frame of mind and to be as prepared as you can be before you leave town. When you know you’ve done everything you can to get ready for the event, you’re better equipped to make the most of your time away, and in a much better position to make a great impression among your peers and other industry […]

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The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Aviation Professionals

Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Aviation Professionals

The most popular social media tool for business, LinkedIn is still proving itself a great tool for a variety of reasons—networking being the biggest one. In a sense, LinkedIn is becoming like a “digital business card” for professional people everywhere, replacing the printed ones that no longer make it into our desktop Rolodex. This means your LinkedIn profile is your first impression, digitally. While you might think of LinkedIn as a job search tool, the best reason to use it is to manage your growing network. It’s also great for researching, communicating and […]

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Hiring the Right Business Aviation Professional, Part I

airplane pilot man hiring business aviation professionals

Hiring the most ideal, best-suited business aviation professional is no easy task. It requires merging a great cultural fit with superior skills and an attitude focused upon the organization’s success. And you must do this all while subordinating your own ego in favor of the entire organization’s success. In the first of our two-part series, I collaborated with my friend and aviation industry colleague, Jim Lara, Principal and Founder of Gray Stone Advisors. Together, we take a “deep dive” into the best approaches when making a great hire and ensuring that the […]

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The Future of Aviation, Part II: Resources for Attracting Students and YoPros

ug aviation security

Last year, when I attended NBAA’s annual Careers in Business Aviation Day during the convention in Las Vegas, I had one of those proverbial “Aha!” moments. It was truly inspiring. On the one hand, the room was full of business aviation veterans eager to share their accumulated knowledge, experience and wisdom. And on the other hand, there were lots of middle school, high school and college students thirsty for knowledge. As the session got underway, the students asked some terrific questions, e.g., how millennials are perceived in the industry, what they […]

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The Future of Aviation: Part I

future of aviation

During an educational session at NBAA last fall, Seattle-based pilot Mike Rutherford glanced around the room and asked himself, “Where are the 25-35-year-olds?” And, more broadly, “where’s the future of aviation if they’re not in here?” Instead of just scratching his head and wondering about it, Mike went back to Seattle and actually did something. He began a grass-roots effort to start mentoring aviation enthusiasts—particularly those who represent the next generation. For one thing, he started talking up flying and piloting to anyone he came across who showed the slightest interest in it. He […]

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The Aviation Talent Shortage is Here and Now

pilot aviation talent shortage

As any keen observer of the aviation industry would likely agree, change is our primary constant. Even in an industry like ours that’s forever in flux, 2016 has a very different vibe than in the past—even when compared to last year. One of the greatest issues is the evaporating talent pool for aviation professionals. Our clients—the leaders of aviation departments—are describing an atmosphere of real concern regarding the hunt for talent. In fact, their usual “go-to” network of aviation friends and family is rapidly drying up. And its been widely published that the […]

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Business Aviation Hiring Trends: Part II

business jet business travel

As I emphasized in the first of this two-blog series, there’s much to be gained by paying attention to current business aviation hiring trends. And, as I said in that blog, the most prevalent trend is for change. It’s true that, regarding recruitment and hiring practices, our industry is in constant flux, and equally true that staying on top of it as best we can is imperative to operate successfully.   Following are a few more business aviation hiring trends:   Business Skills Trump Flying Skills When it comes to hiring someone for a VP or aviation […]

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What’s Trending in Business Aviation Careers, Part I

business aviation trends private pilots in cockpit

As a long-time recruiter, I’m always asked what trends I see, and what’s the latest happening in business aviation careers. So just what is trending in our industry? Change, that’s what! Hiring trends for any industry are always in flux, and that holds true as well for our ever-so-dynamic aviation industry. At present, one of the key issues is that the U.S. is experiencing a shortfall of qualified pilots, the effects of which are pretty far-reaching in the corporate aviation arena. In fact, we’re seeing all kinds of things occurring that are directly […]

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3 Cover Letter Basics for Job Seekers

hands on keyboard - job seeker writing cover letter

The cover letter (or cover email) remains a vital part of today’s interview process. While the boring old, impersonal “to whom it may concern” cover letter may indeed be a thing of the past, the personalized, well-written professional cover “email” or letter is still very much alive and well. The value of cover letters A resume, and its accompanying cover letter, represent your initial “handshake” with a potential employer. As mentioned in a recent blog, these documents show how you (the aviation candidate) choose to communicate. If they’re done well, they can […]

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8 Ways to Research a Company Before an Interview

keyboard featuring the word research company

A successful interview begins well before you find yourself sitting across from a potential employer, putting your best self forward. It starts with a lot of hard work and time well-spent to research a company you’re interested in joining. The good news is that, thanks to the Web, there’s a treasure trove of great information about most companies online. The exception, in business aviation, might be that there’s a dearth of material on flight departments run by high-net-worth individuals and families. But—not to worry—you can always engage your network behind the […]

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