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Bill Garvey’s “Fast Five” with API’s Sheryl Barden

BCA's Bill Garvey with API's Sheryl Barden - Fast Five Column

Earlier this year, I (Sheryl Barden) had the pleasure of being interviewed by Bill Garvey, the Editor of “Business & Commercial Aviation,” one of the industry’s premier trade publications. In every issue, Bill writes a Fast Five column in which he asks a thought leader five questions. Bill recorded our phone conversation, in which we go more in depth than the print article. Topics included resume writing, college degrees, projected industry growth, the pilot shortage and compensation. I’ve also included a transcript of our conversation below. Or, if you’d like, you may click […]

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Job Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts

job interviewing do's and don'ts - man sitting in room

In this competitive aviation job market, a great resume can work to get you noticed. But it won’t guarantee that you’ll end up landing the job. There’s a lot more that goes into job interviewing these days. At API, what we find that what really set our candidates apart are their “soft skills.” There are some great resume templates online that allow you to include your skills—not just your technical know-how. Today’s hiring managers want to know what differentiates you from the rest of the pack. They want to see that you’re prepared […]

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Six Ways to Find and Keep New Pilots

New pilots - pilot shortage - sheryl barden

We are now in the third year of an unprecedented shortage of pilots, and the situation is not going to get better quickly. There simply are not enough pilots in queue to fly your aircraft. How did this happen, why is it so, and what can you do? Several factors contributed to the pilot shortage, among them:   Career Discouragement – Air travel plunged after 9/11, and more than 14,000 pilots were laid off. In 2007, the mandatory retirement age was raised from 60 to 65, squelching upward income mobility for more junior […]

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How to Evaluate Your Total Compensation Package

total compensation - man with tablet and charts

One of the most pressing issues facing business aviation is the shortage of pilots and maintenance professionals. And because of those shortages, most aviation organizations are modifying their total compensation structures. While most Part 91 employers cannot match airline base salaries, many organizations are winning at the war for talent by offering a multi-faceted compensation program. This includes an attractive salary, potential bonus, equity in the company and company benefits.   What is Equity Compensation? As a refresher, the granting of compensation in the form of equity can take many forms: options, restricted stock […]

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Networking your Local Network

business aviation networking local and regional events

It’s unfortunate, but I often hear from aviation pros who suddenly find themselves in an unplanned career transition. Life was great, and things were “status quo.” But then an aircraft sells. A principal dies. A flight department downsizes and the perfect job goes away. Whatever the case, it seems candidates’ biggest regrets are that they didn’t build a stronger network while they were employed. And, as we often say, “in business aviation, it’s who you know, but it’s also who knows you.” Thankfully, there are several ways of creating a meaningful network. One […]

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Caution! Business Aviation Job Postings Ahead!

online business aviation job posting - man using macbook pro

Here at API, we frequently get emails and calls from job seekers asking, “Did you see the latest job posting at XYZ Company?” Sure, sometimes we know about the latest aviation job postings, and sometimes we don’t. But, in any case, we offer a word of caution to candidates combing the “wanted ads.” We try to point out that flight departments will, in fact, post a job online because they actually have an open position and are seeking talent to fill it. But others post them because they’re required to. For example, we […]

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Why “Bucket List” is Out and “Life List” is In

ireland travel - winding road - bucket list - life list

As we begin a new year and make our annual resolutions, many of us talk about updating our personal and professional goals. In fact, last year around this time we wrote about how goal-setting can improve your career. Another popular new year practice is to update a “bucket list.”   What’s a Bucket List? Well, this how the Urban Dictionary somewhat humorously defines it: “A list of things you’d like to do before you die, like visiting the Grand Canyon, falling in love, or falling into the Grand Canyon.” Interestingly (and perhaps not too surprisingly), […]

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Corporate Aviation vs. Airlines: Two Pilots Weigh In

Corporate Aviation vs. Airlines: Two Pilots Weigh In - pilots in cockpit

In two recent blogs, my colleague, Jenny Showalter, and I turned our attention to “job-jumping” in aviation. Jenny’s blog, Look Before You Leap, urged pilots and others who are seeking greener pastures to exercise some caution before making a radical career move. And my blog, Hangar-Hopping, summarized some discussions I’ve had with a pilot who told me he regretted leaving his job at a corporate flight departments to fly for an airline. The topic of aviation workforce issues is highly relevant right now, and I continue to find it intriguing on […]

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Look Before You Leap, or Vice Versa?

look before you leap - pair of binoculars

Imagine hearing: “I want to earn a million dollars a year flying a G650 with a tight-knit crew, travel to the most exotic destinations in the world, and work only on days that don’t conflict with my personal life.” Sounds like pretty good deal, doesn’t it? When considering your career, it’s easy to develop tunnel vision, and start to focus more on your dream career vs. embracing the reality of what you’re presently doing. This dilemma has been top-of-mind for me these days, especially since Sheryl Barden, API’s CEO, published a blog earlier […]

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What You Say Counts

what you say counts - pic of a man talking on cell phone - unsplash

Say what you mean and mean what you say… We all know the adage, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it,” which is true more often than not. I would also assert that your words have more meaning than you realize. I was a college English major and imagined that, by this time in my life, I’d be teaching college courses for a living. The aviation industry grabbed me early on, however, and it didn’t let go. Despite the fact that I’m not a professor, I’ve retained my love of […]

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